Pre K-12 Christian School

Box 460, 66156 Springbrook Rd

Austin, MB R0H 0R0

(204) 637-2303

High School (9-12)


The school is planning for a full-time, in-class 2021-2022 school year, if Covid-19 regulations are relaxed.  Currently no masks are required for in-school instruction. The High School alternate days.  Next year all the compulsory courses will be taught, as well as Foods and Nutrition, Gym and selected electives.  All courses will be taught by in-class teachers.


Mexican Supper Missions Trip Fundraiser

Every second year the Grade 11 & 12 students at ACA are given the opportunity to go on a missions trip. Currently plans for the 2021 Mission Trip have been put on hold due to the current travel restrictions.  We look forward to continuing with plans as soon as restrictions will allow us to do so.